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The more links you have from external websites, the more people are likely to come across your site. And since you’re not limited by a paid option or a trial version, you can make as many disavow files as you want. This not only allows you to extract emails but also helps you to set up email campaigns for bulk sending. From the Overview section, you can get details on the number of referring domains, backlinks, types of backlinks, and more. This can boost your ranking. Monitoring backlinks is only one thing to do. Also, I’ll have to check out Link Tracking Lists. The advantage of one of the best backlink monitoring tools is that you get up to date notifications on the activities of your links. The backlink monitor that stands out is Linkchecker, which can simultaneously analyze a massive number of backlinks and be seamlessly integrated with other tools.

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No registration needed. The report should tell you exactly. The amount you’ll pay will depend on how often you need to check rankings, how many keywords you want to track, and your subscription period. They detect new and lost backlinks on their own, and run their own indexes in an effort to mimic Google Index. Best white label reports. It can be used to discover sites in your niche to reach out to and send them a pitch right from the app. A free version includes Domain and Page Authority metrics. This level of customization enables you to stay in control of your SEO and make data driven decisions. A variety of backlink monitoring tools are available to help you keep track of your website’s backlink profile. Once you have correctly set up the link tracking system, you can either schedule the weekly checking or manually check it each week. Our backlink monitor lets you track multiple domains at once, and can access the historical data for your site. That’s why we use this tool month by month, for all kind of backlinks we build: guest posts, forums, submits and more. For SEO professionals and in house marketers.

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Monitor Backlinks

You can directly import links to Google Sheets using Coupler. Sometimes things go wrong with them, and LinkChecker helps tackle the issues. If you receive any backlinks from these websites, then better have it removed ASAP. You can then click the link icon next to any of the results to see the backlinks for that piece of content. In addition, it has an extensive database that allows you to accurately check your website’s backlinks’ status in a matter of just a few seconds. By analyzing the backlinks of competitors who rank higher in search engine results, businesses can identify link opportunities to build similar high quality backlinks. SEO alerts: Get notified of lost and new backlinks, http://nowhomely.com/2023/09/27/when-best-backlink-monitor-software-businesses-grow-too-quickly/ keyword rankings, and web mentions by setting up SEO alerts in Ahrefs. But it works the same. Before we dive into the test results, let’s take a quick look at each tool. It is a tool for link building and, more importantly, for SEO and marketing in the broadest sense.

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Start looking at links in a completely different way. Monitor Backlinks currently scores 86/100 in the SEO and SEM category. Majestic SEO: A complete SEO toolset with a user friendly interface, offering detailed information on backlinks, keyword research, and competitive analysis. I really appreciate your efforts in putting this together. Not all backlinks provide the same value or transfer the same amount of search equity between sites. 90 per month for two domains and one user, making it a very affordable tool. You can choose if you only want to see nofollow links or dofollow and you can even limit the results to show one backlink per domain. With the right SEO software, you can uncover website issues, monitor rankings, analyse competitors, streamline workflows, and gain actionable insights to boost your search visibility. BuzzSumo is a backlink monitoring tool with excellent capabilities. Monitor your link building strategy implementation. There are a number of ways to get backlinks, including guest blogging, directory submissions, and social media marketing. It also uses a score range of 1 to 100.

Backlink Watch

Finally, the top anchor text category highlights the text/keyword/name/url that is the most used to refer to your website with a link. In addition to conducting an SEO audit, the tool generates internal linking reports automatically to help you view the status of your site’s internal links and how to improve your strategy. In addition to the links Monitor Backlinks discovers on its own using Ahrefs data and referrals reported in Google Analytics, it also allows you to import additional links from other sources such as Majestic SEO and Google Webmaster Tools. This allows you to focus on crafting the best outreach message rather than spending time on manual research. You can put specific backlinks in by hand just by hitting the “plus” button. The quality of your links remains one of the important ranking factors for search engines. As you’re aware, link building tools for SEO help to massively scale your efforts which specialists spend on link building. As soon as you successfully login, you end up at your dashboard.

Moz Pro

Acquire instant notifications, to show off any changes occurring in your backlinks websites. You can use it to check four domains a week and get up to 100 links per report. There are many reasons why you could lose backlinks over time. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful SEO backlink monitoring tools to gauge the quality and quantity of your backlinks. 90 per month for two domains and one user, making it a very affordable tool. Backlink monitoring tools let you check their link profile in real time.

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Backlinks are crucial for a successful SEO strategy and are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines like Google. Such platforms are packed with features that can help businesses and professionals streamline link building strategies, track backlink profiles, and make data driven decisions. The Professional suite costs $125/mo, with more of everything. This tool is tailored to meet the specific needs of WordPress users and offers a comprehensive suite of features to improve SEO performance. For instance, the page could be set to noindex, or the robots. November 09, 2020 at 7:32 pm. This is clearly not the perfect way to do things when it comes to backlinks monitoring, as there are so much more important things one should be doing. Custom schema generator: Add structured data markup, also called schema markup, to your website. To find backlinks, LinkMiner offers three data sources, including “All,” which generates all backlinks from the indexes.

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Here’s a step by step guide on how to choose the best backlink analysis tool for your needs. In a generated report, it is possible to track links by indexnoindex, tags, donor quality. Using this approach, you can easily see how the average rank correlates with general backlinks as well as backlinks originating from pages containing the target title or anchor text. A backlink is an important SEO ranking factor and counts as a vote. By implementing regular backlink audits, you can find broken links and take appropriate action. Additionally, LinkAssistant allows you to analyze anchor texts, providing you with the next set of keywords that you can use to optimize your content. The biggest reason to sign up for Linkio is its outreach automation capabilities. Google Search Console is a great way to ensure that Google indexes your site correctly. Disclosure: Our content is reader supported.

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It is an effective solution for link building strategies like outreach and PBN, offering the ability to scrutinize your backlinks recognized by Ahrefs and competitor insights. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you streamline your content workflow, collaborate with team members, and drive engagement with your target audience. Get awesome insights into the popularity of the linking web page and website with organic traffic estimates. I haven’t dug deep into Ahrefs Site Audit. Another important tool for SEO is Semrush. The following tools will all be found in the Filters toolbar located above the Your Links module’s main dashboard. Pricing: $69 $599/month.

3 LinkMiner

You get a lot of options for customizing specific link data parameters for your reports. Makes life very easy. Scan websites, extract data, and find common SEO issues. What’s more, if you don’t monitor your backlinks, you won’t be able to know about these link losses in the first place. The “Found” and “Checked” columns will indicate when the backlinks were first added and when they were last checked. For example, if you want to show all backlinks that are followed, then select the “followed” option. If you’re on a shoestring budget, SE Ranking, Serpstat, and LinkMiner are excellent options. Review page titles and meta descriptions. This well curated selection, rich in utility and finesse, is set to empower your SEO journey.


And those ads not only fit the client brief, but also have returned great results. Simplify your life by using JS Beautify – Prepostseo to beautify your JavaScript code. Moz is a comprehensive SEO software platform that includes everything from keyword tracking to on page optimization capabilities. Backlink monitoring tools can help track how many incoming links are pointing at each page on our website. Scrutinize the links for suspicious or low quality websites that are potentially damaging to your site’s reputation. This feature lets you decide whether you want to remove a link or keep it. The basic plan is $23 per month. SimilarWeb is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that provides detailed insights into website traffic, audience behavior, and digital marketing strategies.


What are backlinks and how does it work. These metrics help you identify domains with a higher authority. Ahrefs shows you the complete picture of followed vs nofollowed links for any target. By keeping an eye on your competitors’ backlinks, you can gain valuable insights into their link building tactics and identify potential opportunities for your own website. Doing so can bring on speedier website indexing. There are numerous filters to help you sort the data the way you want.


When you enable this feature, the information is directly delivered to your inbox. On the other hand, a steady decline in backlinks could signal a loss of authority. It is suitable for businesses that have sufficient budgets. A lot of the action that a free backlink checker can help you with is also manual you will need to continually check for developments in your backlink profile, and keep on top of any changes by yourself. You can take control of all backlinks for multiple projects, with respect to your account limit. You will know the number of backlinks, a detailed analysis of existing backlinks, and your domain score. Even for a beginner, within a few minutes you will be at ease with the online software. You can choose tools from the rest of the list to supplement their capabilities per your requirements. Understanding your customers is essential for your survival in the modern day. Links are just as important. For a tool with such capabilities, I’d say it’s quite good. Your download is ready. If you select “Backlinks”, you’ll then get to choose from the following three options. Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty details and look at metrics that will answer the “why.

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You will not only be able to track your inbound tags but also get notified if any given link gets lost and how to recover it if you so wish. Backlink Analysis Tool. The best tools for backlink monitoring are a must if you need to manage your backlink profile. First of all, backlinks are constantly changing. This shows the percentage of your links with branded, keyword, hybrid, URL, or natural anchor text. This guide will help you understand what you need to monitor and how. Learn why GetApp is free. The Domain Rating of the publisher, 2 day early visibility of questions, editorial support from Terkel’s team, and unlimited opportunities to respond to questions. It shows your website’s Domain Authority, as well as Page Authority. Languages: English and French. Utilize good quality directory sites. Linkody functions as a reliable backlink monitoring tool.


It’s affordable and fairly accurate. Can help you achieve them. Utilizing Ahrefs gives access to research on keywords, checking website audits, and tracking ranking. By figuring out what backlinks are connected to your site, it can also help to figure out if the links are beneficial or hurting your SEO ranking. The majority of backlink checkers have a free trial where you can test the tool. SEO SpyGlass backlink checker tool has three different versions. And, if you gain a link, it’s just as important to understand the source and the potential impact it’ll have on your search engine rankings.

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Unlike the other platforms on this list, it doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades and master of none. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the competition requires a data driven approach to SEO. You need to track the links you generate when running a link building campaign. Great defence against companies who play dirty with negative SEO. BuzzSumo is a brand monitoring and content discovery tool that includes a number of handy features for link builders. Its specialized tool, LinkMiner, serves as a dedicated backlink checker, allowing you to monitor your own backlinks as well as those of your competitors.